The International Pharmacy Game: A Comparison of Implementation in Seven Universities World-Wide

By Tanja Fens

The Pharmacy Game is educational concept that intersects gamification and simulation, in which pharmacy student teams competitively manage simulated pharmacies; a concept included in the pharmacy curricula of seven international universities.

This study reveals its ways of implementation and conduct at the University of Groningen and Utrecht University, Netherlands; Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium; University of Nottingham and University of Bath, England; Vilnius University, Lithuania; and Griffith University, Australia.

The findings inspired a model of international learning outcomes including core learning outcomes (communication, teamwork and collaboration, competence, confidence, and pharmaceutical knowledge) and aspirational learning outcomes (professional identity, pharmaceutical expertise, organization and innovation, marketing and entrepreneurship, leadership and management, flexibility and resilience, and professional values) in three learning domains (cognitive, affective, and psychomotor). Moreover, the educational concept of the Pharmacy Game based on the experiences of seven international universities represents a potentially useful tool for delivering a capstone learning experience, promoting interprofessional education, practicing medication safety, and preparing pharmacy graduates for future practice.

Such findings inform researchers and educators about the possibilities of integrating a pharmacy simulation game in their curriculum. Thereby, the research supports the advancement of the education and training of pharmacy students.

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