Pharmacy students learning to become leaders in reducing pharmaceuticals in water

By Tanja Fens

Today we are launching a new educational module that will reflect aspects/elements of environmental sustainability, particularly pharmaceuticals found in water. The module will be integrated into the innovative educational tool, the Pharmacy Game at the University of Groningen. It consists of educational lectures- and interview- videos that include the perspective of various stakeholders. Furthermore, the students shall solve a few dedicated cases and develop future strategies for minimizing the effect of pharmaceuticals in the water.  

Why this module? To increase awareness among pharmacy students about environmental issues with the example of pharmaceutical contamination of water, and activate them to become leaders by developing strategies for green solutions concerning this problem.

The development of this educational module would not have been possible without the contributions of Katja Taxis, Eelko Hak, Agata Szperl, Claudia Dantuma-Wering, Hanneke Lestestuiver, Caroline T.A. Moermond, Peter van der Maas, Enisa Sehagic, Christa de Vries-Vingerling, Sipke Visser, Valentina Lok, Sjoerd Prins, Ellen van Loon, Patricia van den Bemt, and Tanja Fens. 

This educational module was financially supported by the European Funds for Regional Development (ERDF/REACT-EU) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs of The Netherlands, awarded by SNN. The subsidized EFRO project is led by Erika Brattinga-Roth from HANNN.

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