Integration of an extended, immersive, gamified pharmacy simulation as a capston event

By Denise Hope

A  gamified  simulation  was  integrated  as  a  capstone  event  for  a  new  Australian undergraduate  pharmacy  programme. It  aimed to  consolidate  previous  learning  and  deliver  an authentic activity aligned with self-determination theory to develop students’ professional identity and  enhance  their  competence,  confidence,  and  collaborative  skills. A  full-environment  immersive  simulation  was  constructed  in  which  teams  of  final-year  pharmacy students   competitively   managed   their   own   virtual   pharmacies   over   an   extended   period. Gamification  of  the  simulation  aimed  to  enhance  student  motivation  and  engagement  while recognising  the  consequences  of  clinical  and  professional  decision-making. Four years  of  gamified  simulation  encouraged  outstanding  student  attendance  and  engagement.  The quantitative evaluation revealed high student satisfaction (mean 4.7out of 5) of the host courses, while the qualitative evaluation revealed that intended outcomes were met through the delivery of  authentic,  consolidated  learning  and  enhancement  of  student  confidence  and  professional identity. An extended, gamified simulation may  provide a transformative learning event.

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