Bringing reality into a virtual world

By Tanja Fens

The Pharmacy Game is unique concept of education, giving the students a touch of the reality. During this course they are facing the same challenges the pharmacists have to face in their everyday work in the pharmacies. These scenarios are quite dynamic, based on current events and situations and therefor every game is a new challenge.

Currently we are facing a pandemic that limits the personal, face to face, interaction. This certainly affects the relation between the pharmacists and the patient. Nevertheless, the Pharmacy Game advances to the next level and accepts this challenge.

In the coming months, the first pandemic edition of the Pharmacy Game will be launched across the universities using this teaching concept. Rules will be set and protocols developed. Students should practice safe interaction with their patients, organize working in shifts and offer online attendance of patients.

Will they miss the teamwork and direct exchange of opinions, exercising communication and experiencing leadership? Or maybe they experience it as an effective way of servicing patients? All this is yet to be seen.

Game on!

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