7 steps to integrate the Pharmacy Game in a Pharmacy Curriculum

By Tanja Fens and Jugoslav Pavlovic

The interest in the Pharmacy Game is increasing. Its concept was made known during the international congress "Modern trends in Pharmacy, opportunities and challenges" held in Ohrid, Macedonia (5-9 October 2022). Two colleagues from the Pharmacy Game international team, Dr. Tanja Fens and Ing. Jugoslav Pavlovic, have presented the seven steps needed to implement the Pharmacy Game in a Pharmacy curriculum. These are composed of the following:

Step 1- Defining learning outcomes

Step 2- Positioning the Pharmacy Game

Step 3- Structuring the game

Step 4- Building a game management team

Step 5- Inventorize facilities and equipment

Step 6- Make your game

Step 7- Start playing your Pharmacy Game!

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